2020 Annual Business Report

2021 Outlook

In 2021, Valneva expects to achieve major R&D milestones while increasing R&D investments in its three late-stage product candidates.

2021  Outlook

Our Financials & Outlook

Key upcoming newsflow

  • Lyme disease vaccine candidate VLA15
    • Initiation of Phase 2 study VLA15-221, including pediatric development, planned for Q1 2021; further Phase 2 milestones and read-outs expected during 2021
  • Chikungunya vaccine candidate VLA1553
    • Initial Phase 3 data expected mid-2021
  • COVID-19 vaccine candidate VLA2001
    • Phase 1/2 initial data expected in April
    • Phase 3 initiation/further development subject to Phase 1/2 data and regulatory discussions

Financial Outlook

The Company is not providing guidance related to its VLA2001 revenues and program at this time. This guidance will be material to the Company, therefore needs to be based on robust information.

As far as the non–VLA2001-related business is concerned, the Company expects for 2021:

 Total revenues, excluding VLA2001: €100 million to €115 million
 R&D expenses, excluding VLA2001: €65 million to €75 million