2020 Annual Business Report

Our Corporate Governance Approach

Our commitment to Corporate Governance underpins the trust that our investors, employees and institutions have placed in us.

Our Corporate Governance Approach

A specialty vaccine company

Valneva has a two-tier corporate governance system consisting of a Management Board (Directoire), which is responsible for managing the Company, and a Supervisory Board (Conseil de Surveillance), which oversees the Management Board.

Valneva’s Management Board is a highly experienced international team, with diverse backgrounds, experience, expertise and skills. Our Management Board is currently comprised of four members:

Thomas Lingelbach, Chair of the Board, President & CEO
Franck Grimaud, President & CBO
Frédéric Jacotot, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Juan Carlos Jaramillo, CMO (appointment effective since October 1, 2020)

Valneva’s Supervisory Board participates actively in reviewing the Company’s strategic options and setting direction together with the Management Board.

Frédéric Grimaud, Chairman
James Sulat, Vice-Chair
Anne-Marie Graffin
Thomas Casdagli
Sharon Tetlow (since June 2020)
Johanna Willemina Pattenier (since June 2020)

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