2021 Annual Business Report

Our clinical pipeline

Our current clinical pipeline includes differentiated assets that either target unmet medical need or that may have meaningful advantages relative to existing vaccine options.


Our clinical pipeline

The strength of an integrated business model

  • Valneva takes a highly specialized and targeted approach to the development of unique prophylactic vaccines. Valneva applies different technologies to develop its vaccine candidates.
  • The Company has broad, comprehensive product development and regulatory expertise with a clearly demonstrated ability of rapidly moving new vaccines through the clinic to commercialization.
  • As a result of this strategy, Valneva has been able to advance VLA15 and VLA1553, which are now the most advanced vaccine candidates against their target diseases: VLA15 is the only vaccine candidate in clinical development against Lyme disease, while VLA1553 is the only chikungunya vaccine candidate to have reported positive Phase 3 data to date.
  • Valneva has also been able to develop the only inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Europe and obtained a first emergency use authorization for this vaccine in 2022[1].
  • Valneva strives for the highest scientific and regulatory compliance standards and oversees this work through internal committees, complemented by the strategic scientific guidance provided by the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Valneva’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of distinguished academic and industry professionals who provide the Company with guidance and expert advice on R&D strategy.

Ralf Clemens, MD, Ph.D. – Chair
Norman W. Baylor, Ph.D.
Anna Durbin, MD
George R. Siber, MD, Ph.D.
Alexander von Gabain, Ph.D.


[1] https://valneva.com/press-release/valneva-receives-emergency-use-authorization-from-bahrain-for-its-inactivated-covid-19-vaccine-vla2001/