2020 Annual Business Report

Our clinical development pipeline

The assets in our portfolio are differentiated products that either target diseases currently lacking a preventative and effective therapeutic treatment option or that we believe may have meaningful therapeutic advantages relative to other existing vaccine and treatment options.


Our clinical development pipeline

The strength of an integrated business model

Valneva is dedicated to developing prophylactic vaccines for infectious diseases with significant unmet medical need.
  • Infectious diseases have widely affected, and continue to widely affect, humankind. Prevention of infectious diseases through vaccination, known as prophylactic vaccination, is considered one of the most beneficial and cost-effective health care interventions. Prophylactic vaccines often represent the preferred solution to debilitating and widespread infectious diseases given their capacity to bring about significant health benefits to both individuals and communities, while remaining highly cost effective.
  • Despite the large and growing need for vaccines, many urgent medical needs remain unaddressed including infectious diseases. Developing vaccines for such diseases remains a high priority for the research and development world.
  • Valneva is applying its deep understanding of vaccine science, including its expertise across multiple vaccine modalities, as well as its established vaccine development capabilities, to develop prophylactic vaccines to address these diseases.

Valneva has formed a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of distinguished academic and industry professionals who provide the Company with guidance and expert advice on R&D strategy.

Ralf Clemens, MD, Ph.D. Chair
Stanley Plotkin, MD
Norman W. Baylor, Ph.D.
Anna Durbin, MD
Alain Munoz, MD, Ph.D.
George R. Siber, MD, Ph.D.
Alexander von Gabain, Ph.D.